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It was clear that [Kimberly] really wanted to make sure Women of Color were included and had access to healthier alternatives. Her values of ethics and non-toxic ingredients were equally as clear as wanting to have a space of inclusivity.


The Balancing Shampoo feels very refreshing, it left my scalp feeling very soothed and afterward my hair was cleansed but not stripped. It’s a good shampoo to use if you need to remove product buildup and you won’t have to worry about super dry hair afterwards.


I started my professional journey as an actress at the Illusion Theater back at home in Minnesota. It began with touring plays. I traveled with a company of actors in a van doing three shows a day all over Minnesota before I had the chance to perform on the main stage of the theater.


To step into our hair, our acceptance, and increasingly stronger love for our hair, is a statement of us loving ourselves in our deepest, greatest levels.



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