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How Kimberly Elise Styled Her Faux Locs In "Death Wish"

How Kimberly Elise Styled Her Faux Locs In "Death Wish"

Kimberly Elise Death WishDeath Wish, directed by Eli Roth, features actress Kimberly Elise as Detective Jackson, a Chicago police officer, in search of the identity of gunman Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis).

To prepare for the role, Elise wore crochet braids. Have you ever thought about having crochet braids? 

Crochet braids aren’t your typical braids and they aren’t sew-in extensions either.

They work by creating a base braid like a sew-in, but extensions are attached with crochet hooks, which create less tension on your scalp. Ultimately, crochet braids are a wonderful protective, versatile style.

We consulted with crochet expert Jennea Dorsey-Gordley to help us learn the ins and outs of crochet braids.

Kimberly Elise Death Wish

What are crochet braids? 

Crochet braids are an alternative weave protective style.

They create less tension than traditional sew-in weaves and extensions because of the way they’re installed.

Why is it a protective style

A protective style is natural Black hairstyle that does not damage your scalp with tension or your hair strands with heat. Your own natural hair is kept safe, free from heat, elastic, tension, or other damaging habits. There are a variety of protective styles to choose from, including up-dos, braids, twists, or cornrows.

Crochet braids are a good protective style because, if done correctly, there is no tension on the scalp or the actual hair follicle that will cause breakage. Most people love crochet braids because they can barely feel them, and they can also be worn for a long time

Those with crochet braids can actually scratch their scalp without rubbing their weave in the process. 

“Crochet was around 20 years ago or so, but they’re coming back around!”

                                                                           – Jennea Dorsey-Gordley

Are Crotchet Braids Versatile?

Yes, crochet braids are extremely versatile.

The technique has been around for quite a while. Back in the day, stylists used to install crochet braids differently than today. Now, there are multiple new ways to get a different look without having to twist your hair every night. Depending on your hair texture, you can even have an awesome two-strand twist-out look.


What type of hair do you recommend? 

The hair that you select is really important to provide a more realistic look. Natural hair stylist Jennea Dorsey-Gordley recommends the brand Kima. This brand also has a kinky texture and is more of a light deep-wave pattern.

What hair brands do you think are good for crochet braids? Share suggestions in the comments below.

How do you make the part look realistic? 

Jennea Dorsey-Gordley explains, “The braid pattern is important to help the part look more realistic. As a stylist, I ask my client what they want and utilize my technique that allows the hair to fall any way and still look natural.

“For me, I prep and separate the hair, making it look as natural as possible rather than having big clumps of hair per loop.”

What’s Currently Trendy For Anyone Who Wants Crotchet Braids?

Jennea Dorsey-Gordley explains, “Currently, I’m seeing a lot more box crochet braids. People sometimes do one braid and wrap it around a braid pattern in the back, where it’s mostly cornrowed. This method saves a lot of time versus the typical box braid installation.” 

How should you prep your hair for the style? 

Jannea Dorsey-Gordley explains, “What I do when it comes to the prepping is use a setting spray and lotion. In the setting spray, I add a teaspoon of Alchemy 27 to help give the scalp ingredients it needs to protect your mane and grow healthy hair.”


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