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Kimberly's 9 Winter Hair Care Tips for Natural Black Hair Care

Posted on January 07 2018

If you're living in the colder climates around this time of the year, you may be concerned about all the damage being done to your natural hair.

It's important to maintain a hair care routine this winter, despite the biting cold and winds. In addition, all the heaters being used to keep people warm this winter can also damage your hair!

Recently, vegan actress Kimberly Elise sat down with her daughter, Ajableu, on Facebook Live to share her winter hair care tips for natural black hair care.

1. Add deep conditioning to your natural black hair care routine.

Your hair can be losing a lot of moisture around this time of year. The dry air may be causing a lot of damage to your locks. As a result, you should take some extra time to give your hair a little bit of love. Deep conditioning your hair will lock in that moisture, leaving you with beautiful locks that you can show off during the spring!

Deep condition your hair using Aloe & Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner for 10-20 minutes longer and rinse thoroughly.

2. Do more "co-pooing" than shampooing.

If you aren't familiar with "co-pooing," it simply means to use conditioner as shampoo. Your shampoo can be stripping away important natural oils in your hair, which may lead to over-drying your hair in a climate that's already dry.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use shampoo at all! Shampoo is still important because it helps clean your hair and scalp. But during the winter, cut down on shampoo use.

Aloe & Coconut Balancing Shampoo is the best shampoo for black hair because it provides just the right amount of moisture and cleansing power, without stripping your delicate strands.

3. Wear a satin-lined hat.

During the winter, some of us are fond of wearing hats to keep ourselves warm and protect our hair. But wearing hats can cause further damage because the hats can pull out hair strands or cause hair breakage. They can also further dry out your hair!

So to avoid all that hair damage, make sure to buy satin-lined hats. They are more gentle for your head because satin will reduce friction. You can also wear a hidden satin cap underneath your favorite hat. Polyester is also another good choice.


4. Tuck your ends away.

If you enjoy wearing your natural hair in knots, don't forget to tuck your ends away at this time of year! Kimberly suggests styling your hair into bantu knots or other protective styles. Your hair can be damaged by the dry climate, even if you spend most of your time indoors this winter.


5. Moisturize your hair at night.

Night time is the perfect time to give some extra care to your locks! Kimberly suggests layering products. This involves using different products that all lock in moisture, so that they all deeply penetrate your locks and keep them from drying.

Before you go to bed, make sure to wrap your hair up. Your hair will absorb the product throughout the night while you're dozing. As a result, you can start your next day with moisturized, healthy hair.

Use Aloe Vera Conditioning Leave-in with Marshmallow Root to deeply moisturize your hair this winter. Use it for twist-outs, up-dos, braids, or any black hairstyle that requires moisture.


6. Oil your scalp a little more often.

At night, add a little bit of oil to your scalp. It will protect your scalp from getting too dry and itchy while more heating units are being used this winter. But don't go overboard! Doing so will lead to a buildup in your hair.

If you're already dealing with a dry, itchy scalp, you can try the Kimberly Elise Naturals Alchemy 27. It is a blend of 27 vitamin and mineral rich plant oils, essential oils, and natural botanicals. It will deliver you that much needed dry scalp relief!

7. Sleep in a bonnet.

As mentioned before, don't forget to wrap your hair up before you go to bed! Sleeping in a bonnet will help protect your natural hair from being dried while the heater is blowing. Additionally, a satin pillow can also lessen the damage done to your hair while you sleep.


8. Avoid blow drying your hair.

With how dry the air is during the winter, you want to avoid anything that further strips away the moisture from your hair. This means putting aside the hairdryer and hair straightener this season!


9. Drink tons of water.

You should always be drinking a lot of water. However, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated this winter- it will be beneficial to your overall health.

Now that Kimberly has shared some of her winter hair care tips, do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments!


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