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New Year, Newly Natural | Easy Transitioning, Protective Style For Work & School

New Year, Newly Natural | Easy Transitioning, Protective Style For Work & School

Embrace your elegant, natural beauty with this easy protective natural style for work and school. 

Show off your beautiful neck and shoulders with this "hands-free" natural hairstyle that is perfect for women who no longer wish to wear extensions, weaves or wigs but still love the semblance of length. Excellent for summer when you don't wa

Step 1) Prepare your hair using Kimberly Elise Naturals® Sulfate-Free Natural Shampoo & Conditioner and Leave-In Detangling Cream. You can stretch your hair using any way you prefer. In this photo, we've blow-dried and gently heat-styled the model's hair using a touch of Sealing Oil

Step 2) Apply Alchemy 27 to provide nutrients and moisture to your scalp, including the nape of your neck. Use more leave-in detangling conditioner to prepare the area for braiding.

Step 3) Crotchet hair of your preferred texture and color at the nape of your neck. This model has crotched traditional kanekalon braiding hair. Use as much hair as you want for volume.

Do not over-strain this hair with tight braids and a heavy hand. It is extremely important to apply a moisturizing, non-drying product to this area several times per day so that the area can remain strong and grow. Hair at the nape of the neck (e.g., "the kitchen") is prone to breakage. 

Step 4) Part your hair and smooth your edges, as desired. Protect your hair from the harsh chemicals found in gels using Kimberly Elise Naturals® leave-in detangling conditioner 

Step 5) Create two long braids of your preferred style. They can be flat twists, feed-in-French braids, or two large Corn Rows (e.g., “Dutch braids”). In this style, the model is wearing feed-in cornrows with a side part.

Step 6) Fold the two braids into a design and sew into place. The fold-in design will be unique each time, based on the texture, style, and length of the crotchet hair. This protective hairstyle can last for 1-2 weeks and is wonderful for the summer months!

Ask your hairstyle to suggest variations, based on your hair type & hair growth goals!

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