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Natural Hair Is All About Self-Love

Natural Hair Is All About Self-Love

Natural hair is more about self-love than actual hair. When we decide to "Go Natural," we are subconsciously deciding to accept ourselves.

We let go of the fear of not being accepted and decide to embrace our true selves. These are some of the key components of self-love. 

By: Denise Liv

When we decide to go natural we are truly deciding to love ourselves for who we are, bare and unmasked.

We embark on a natural hair “journey” because we have to change our mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. While changing what we look like outside we are transforming who we are on the inside. We change our interpretations of things; what we once declared as “ugly” are now considered to be beautiful! Through our natural hair journey, we begin to see the beauty within our true selves.

In order to be successful in your natural hair journey commitment is required.

You must be committed to taking care of your hair, creating regimens that help your hair flourish, discovering the right products that work with your hair. Commitment is key. The commitment of investing in yourself begins to trickle down into your mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. You’ll start to take care of yourself in every part of your life.

self-love natural hair

Natural Hair gives you the courage to embark on more journeys.

If you choose to "go natural," you set forth on fitness journeys, healthy lifestyles, fearless journeys, shamelessness, seeking positivity, and challenging ourselves to do more because we believe in ourselves. The journey of natural hair influences us to be patient with ourselves, invest in ourselves, and believe in ourselves. But most importantly it teaches us to love ourselves.


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Denise “Liv” is inspired by the concept of love. She is the creator of the Live Naturally Love blog that is devoted to self-love, self-compassion, and inspiration. She also has a youtube channel where she’s created tons of tutorials on natural hair care, healthy living, and fashion. Love what she does? Be sure to follow her!

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