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How To Make Your Twist-Out Last

How To Make Your Twist-Out Last

4 Tips To Help Your Twist Out Last

Kimberly-elise-naturalsA good twist-out isn’t too difficult, but making it last longer than a day or so can be a challenge. With the right amount of moisture and drying time, a long-lasting twist out can be achieved. This guide will help you make the most out of your twist out. For maximum moisture, protection and shine, use Cranberry Curling Cream with Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil.


 1. Let your twists stay around for a while 

Instead of re-twisting your hair every night, try to leave it in for a while if your hairstyle isn’t time-sensitive. Even if it’s a few days or two weeks, with the proper moisture, you can wear a twisted up-do, cute mini-twists, and several creative other twist-related styles. This will serve as a protective style and also enhance the twist definition when undone.

 2. Apply the right amount of moisture

Along with water, make sure to add oil, conditioner, and other products that’ll keep your hair moisturized. The moisture will help your hair to stay strong and give your hair the right amount of definition when the twists are finally undone. 

If you’re wearing your hair in twists for a few days before you untwist, keep adding moisture to the twists each day.


Tip: Put a small amount of Kimberly Elise Naturals® Cranberry Curling Cream in a small spritz bottle filled with grape seed oil or spring water and lightly spritz your twists to keep them healthy! 

3. Use a paraben and sulfate-free gel

To avoid frizz and keep your twist out looking amazing when it’s time to come undone, when you are twisting your hair, try to add some natural gel and oil to define your curls even more. Make sure you choose the right product that won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy and brittle. 

4. Allow your hair enough time to dry

Twist outs tend to look better when you add some moisture, but whether you decide to twist up completely drenched or partially wet hair, it’s important to give yourself time to dry. Drying time depends on hair density, length, and hair type. Only you know exactly how long you’ll need for your hair to dry completely. Some hair will only be completely dry overnight if the twists are partially wet, but not soaking wet.


Our ultra-hydrating curling cream to coif your coils! Kimberly Elise Naturals® Cranberry Curling Cream is formulated to style curls, twirls, and coils unique to Afro-textured hair using organic and natural ingredients. Use our sulfate-free styling cream for your twist-outs, wash 'n' go's, or any curly hairstyle. 


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