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4 Tips For Transitioning to Natural Hair

4 Tips For Transitioning to Natural Hair

Tips For Transitioning to Natural Hair

Kimberly-Elise-Naturals What does it mean to transition to natural hair? Transitioning to natural hair is the process of growing out your healthy, natural texture before cutting off the relaxed or damaged ends. Some women prefer to transition into a natural style, rather than doing a BIG CHOP, where they cut off all their damaged hair at once and sport a super cute, short style. 

If you're in the middle of this process, you may find these tips helpful...

1) Find your go-to protective style

If you are transitioning, it is essential to wear protective styles – a hairstyle that does not require any hair to be loose or out. Protective styles help to lock in moisture, and prevent hair from breaking. Ease up on the stress of your daily routine by finding a quick and easy protective style that you can master.

It might be worth investing in a professional hairdresser to give you flat twists, rod sets, or braids. These styles last a little bit longer, and can offer cute flexibility with accessories and different hairstyles. Remember, if you choose to wear twists with relaxed hair, be sure to rod set the ends.


2) Be very careful with your line of demarcation

The line of demarcation is the point of your hair where your natural growth meets your processed hair - where natural meets relaxed. This is a very fragile part of your hair, and it’s bound to snap. Avoid using hair ties, which will put too much stress on your fragile ends.


3) Moisturize and deep condition regularly 

For my own very dry hair, I very lightly spritz my hair with spring water, then apply moisturizer every night before bed, and then seal the moisture with Kimberly Elise Naturals® Aloe Vera Conditioning Leave-in with Marshmallow Root from The Kinky Coily Care Kit

Additionally, every week and a half, I deep-condition with Kimberly Elise Naturals® Aloe & Shea Butter Conditioner. Allow the conditioner to work its magic by wearing a shower cap for at least 25 minutes, but don’t wear any conditioner for more than 2 hours. Otherwise, your hair fibers can become oversaturated and weak. Longer doesn’t always mean better! 


4) Wear Braided Hairstyles

Box braids, cornrows and crotchet weaves are ideal natural protective hairstyles if you're transitioning to your natural hair texture because they do not require too much manipulation. Try to wear your new style for about 4 to 6 weeks to attain an inch of new growth. If you stick to your box braids or cornrows for a year and do not apply heat, just imagine how thick your hair will become!

Kimberly-elise-natural-hairKimberly Elise Naturals® captures the power and effectiveness of nature to help you achieve your most radiant, beautiful glow. Our Sulfate-Free Natural Hair Care System is a clean beauty solution formulated to nurture and strengthen the beautiful curls, twirls, and coils unique to Afro-textured hair using organic, naturally-derived, premium ingredients. Kimberly Elise Naturals® Alchemy 27 Hair + Scalp Elixir is for any woman who wants to address her hair breakage concerns naturally.

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