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How To Retain Moisture & Stop Breakage In The Winter Months

How To Retain Moisture & Stop Breakage In The Winter Months

The winter can be a trying time for hair that won't retain moisture.

Curly, kinky, coily hair is particularly vulnerable to the changes in the season because the cold air can leave hair brittle. To retain moisture and stop breakage in the winter, use non-drying products that aren't too harsh for your hair type. You should use moisture and length retention practices, such as the LOC or LCO method, which stands for “liquid, oil, and conditioner.” The LCO method is an alternative to the LOC method and stands for “liquid, cream, and oil.” The only difference is the order you apply these products.

For your liquid, use water or a water-based moisturizer. You can follow this up with an oil of your choice (such as argan, coconut, ect) and a cream/conditioner.

Sulfate-free leave-in conditioners and moisturizing agents are also crucial for winter hair growth. Also, try adding heavier products such as butters and oils to your regimen to seal in moisture.

Other tactics such as weekly deep conditioning sessions with hot oil treatments, low manipulation styles, protective styles, hair trims as needed, and using natural products with natural ingredients. Some protective styling options during the winter include: two stand twists, crochet braids, braided up-do’s, sew-ins, and styling hair with a scarf.

Another thing to remember is to keep your hair protected at night. You can do this by sleeping with a satin bonnet, cap, or pillowcase. Satin will decrease the friction your hair might experience at night while rubbing against cotton.

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