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How To Stretch & Style Kinky, Curly Hair Using Heat-Free Techniques

How To Stretch & Style Kinky, Curly Hair Using Heat-Free Techniques



"Stretched" hair means fewer tangles, more manageability, and more hairstyling options. Using heat to "stretch" your hair can lead to damage and dryness. So, consider using "heat-free" methods. You can still minimize shrinkage and elongate kinky, coily, curly hair to keep your crown healthy, tangle-free, and ready to style. Here are 6 heat-free ways to stretch your hair without any heat.

This article was originally published on Kimberly Elise Natural Living by Ariane Williams of


1. Banding

With banding, your stretching results will be phenomenal. Plus, this method works on all kinky coily hair types. Another added benefit: when you band your hair, it looks like you’ve gotten a fresh blow dry!

To do the banding method:

  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Gently wrap the ponytail holders around each section of hair from root to tip.
  • Allow your hair to completely dry overnight before removing.
  • wrap your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet.

    You can use ouchless ponytail holders or hair weaving thread to band, too. 


    2. Pineappling

    The Pineappling Method is commonly thought of as the best, because its the absolute easiest way to stretch your hair. Simply moisturize your hair, then place your hair into one or two high ponytails. Then, wrap your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet before going to bed.


    3. Braids

    If you're struggling to understand the concept of heat-free stretching, just think about the natural pattern that emerges after you've worn braids. Braids are more time-consuming than twists, but if you have kinky, high shrinkage hair, braids can also elongate your strands better than any other method of stretching. While braiding is a little bit more work, the results will be well worth it.

    Customize the size of your braids using our Cranberry Curling Cream and wear overnight. In about 12-hours, you will have a beautiful, curly 'afro.

    4. Two-strand flat twists

    Two-strand flat twists can be timely and often produce great results! Along with stretching your hair, these methods can give you amazing curl definition using our Cranberry Curling Cream.


    5. Roller, Perm Rod, and Flexi Rod Sets

    This method doubles as both styling and a stretching technique! Whether you use perm rods, rollers, or flexi-rods you will get some stretch. Flexi rods will give you the most elongation because they are longer than perm rods or rollers.

    There are more than just a few ways that you can stretch your curls without relying on heat. The best way to find out which method is for you is through experimentation. See what works best for your hair type and your schedule!


    4. Twists paired with hair clips

    If you don’t feel like braiding, you can stretch your hair using twists. Try adding hair clips to your roots and ends. The extra weight of the clips will add tension to the roots and curls, giving them more stretch. Smother your hair in Aloe Vera Leave-In Conditioner, to keep your hair extra moist and soft. f you don’t have high-shrinkage hair, adding clips may not be necessary and you can twist your hair without them!

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    ABOUT THE WRITER: Ariane Williams has been wearing her hair natural for years. As owner of, she’s committed to helping other women on their natural hair care journey with articles and tips on how to take care of kinky, curly, and coily hair.

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