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Tips To Grow Your Hair While Wearing A Weave

Tips To Grow Your Hair While Wearing A Weave
Hair extensions, sew-in wigs, and weaves come in a variety of styles. I believe that they can be used as a tool to help you achieve your hair growth goals. Hair extensions help you to stop manipulating your hair each day. They can help fill out areas that have experienced breakage if installed properly.

However, too many hairdressers use techniques that are harmful for your scalp and hair. It’s also easy to neglect your hair underneath, which can cause serious damage. It’s a must to exercise great care throughout the entire process. Follow these instructions to help your natural hair grow healthy and strong. Plus, your hair extensions will look more fabulous than ever!

How To Grow Your Hair While Wearing A Weave

1. Choose The Right Hair Stylist

I believe this is the hardest part. Choosing a hairstylist can either make or break your hair growth goals.  You can begin by requesting referrals from friends and family (but beware, because sometimes this may lead you in the wrong direction!) Or, contact natural hair salons in your area and ask if they have a stylist who specializes in natural hair braiding.

This whole process requires planning – I always get stuck at the last minute trying to find someone! Or, I leave my extensions in for too long and put it off. Don’t be like me. Also, don’t skimp and go to a hair dressing school or anything like that.

Ultimately, when you’ve found “the one,” make sure that she does not braid your hair too tightly. Do not use a hair dresser who says things like, “The edges have to be tight,” or “It hurts because you have a lumpy scalp,” or “You can keep it in for months.”

You know what I’m talking about. I’ve literally walked out the door with my hair half-done because the braid was too tight, and I think you should too, because losing your hairline is not worth it!


2. Prep Your Hair Before Seeing Your Stylist

Too many women miss an opportunity to condition and properly prepare their natural hair because they put full trust in their hairdresser, who may or may not be using the right techniques to maintain the health of their scalp. I used to be one of them.

I discovered it was actually more affordable to do the basic hair care care at home before my instillation. In other words, I work with hairdressers who will give me a discount when I come to my appointment with my hair freshly washed and blow dried.

To wash my hair, I use my Kimberly Elise Naturals® Kinky Coily Care Kit. The Aloe & Coconut Balancing Shampoo and Aloe & Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner soften and cleanse my hair, while the Aloe Vera Conditioning Leave-in with Marshmallow Root and Argan & Castor Nutritive Sealing Oil with Pomegranate Oil infuse it with the ingredients it needs while it is “resting.”


3. Consider Wearing A Net

A net is a mesh covering, designed to protect your hair and help your stylist avoid sewing into your braids. Different stylists have different opinions about using a net. Here’s a list of some Pros and Cons to help you decide whether you should be using a net, too.

Pros Of Wearing A Net:

  • Your weave will last longer because a net helps keep your braids in place.
  • A net protects your natural hair from the weave itself, as your hairstylist doesn’t have to always sew into the braids.
  • Broken areas are able to grow because they will be totally covered by the net.
  • A net allows the stylist to add more extensions to places where she did not braid, resulting in a fuller looking weave.

Cons Of Wearing A Net:

  • A net is super uncomfortable. You can’t get in there and scratch!
  • Nets can make your weave feel tighter, especially in the beginning.
  • You do not have the ability to really wash your own hair, which is important for growth.

Talk to your hairstylist about your hair goals, and decide if wearing a net underneath your weave is best for you.


4. Wear a Half Weave to Avoid Tension on Your Hair Line

Be careful about the fragile areas of your scalp, including your hair line. Avoid extra tension by wearing a half weave and using clip-in hair pieces to fill in other areas. This technique looks natural and is better for your hair line in the long run. Let your hairstylist known that you intend to do this technique in advance


5. After 5 Weeks, Get A Professional Touch Up To Make Your Weave Last Longer

Schedule a touch up with your hairstylist about four or five weeks after your weave is put in. Your stylist can re-braid the parts of your hair that have grown, touch up loose hair extensions, and trim dead ends. Regular upkeep will result in healthier and stronger natural hair. A professional touch-up will also help your weave last a lot longer and maintain its well-groomed appearance.


6. Wrap Up Your Extensions Around The House And When You Go To Bed

Depending on the texture of your hair extensions, it’s typically best to keep your hair up when you’re sleeping or working around the house. Keeping your hair up prevents unnecessary wear and tear, alleviates frizz, and preserves a natural curl pattern without having to use heat!

In general, kinky coily hair should be twisted, and straightened hair should be wrapped under a scarf. However, you can always consult with your stylist to decide on the best way to preserve the hair texture of your specific extensions.

When you sleep, keeping your natural hair tucked away behind a scarf is a fool-proof way to help keep your weave looking well-groomed when you wake up and head out the door. The scarf creates a barrier for your hair, locking out rough air and surfaces that can cause frizz and damage in the night.


7. Blow-dry Your Braids After Washing Your Hair

Some of us like to believe that the natural hair underneath our extensions requires little maintenance, when it fact, it requires extra maintenance to preserve hairstyles and support healthy growth.

After you wash your hair, always sit under a hairdryer, or blow-dry your braids underneath your weave. It’s also important to use a medium heat setting so you don’t burn your hair and scalp. This step will help prevent a moldy odor, and keep your braids in top condition.


8. Do Not Apply Excessive Heat To Exposed Hair

Of course, you can give yourself a few curls every once in a while, but try to avoid blow-drying and straightening your hair extensions every time you wash your hair. Get creative with scarves, headbands, hats, and other hair accessories to avoid using heat each and every time you wash your hair.

Hair extensions are actually prone to the same damage as real hair, meaning too much heat will decrease their lifespan. So, if you want your weave to last longer, choose a hair texture that you like and save the extra blow drying and pressing for special occasions.


9. Care For Your Exposed Hair using Alchemy 27 Hair & Scalp Elixir

Your exposed hair (e.g., your edges, hairline, and your “part”) is the most critical element of your weave. It’s your hair and deserves extra care and attention! So, care for this part of your body like it’s your baby. You’ll thank yourself for that extra 5 or 10 minutes of hair care when your hairline is as healthy as ever in five years!

Alchemy 27 Hair & Scalp Elixir is formulated for women who have experienced visible hair breakage due to heat-styling, extensions, braids, wigs and weaves.

Following these simple hair care tips will help your weave last longer and look its very best, from the day you have your hair extensions installed to the day you have them taken out. And remember: keep your weave in for 10 to 12 weeks, max!

Have any more tips on how you’re making your weave last this summer? Comment and share with us below!

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