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Your Guide To Crochet Braids | Natural Black Hair Care

Your Guide To Crochet Braids | Natural Black Hair Care

Crochet braids aren’t your typical braids and they aren’t sew-in extensions either. 

Crochet Braids are installed by creating "a base braid," similar to a sew-in, but the extensions are attached with crochet hooks, which creates less tension on your scalp. The hair that you select is really important for the ultimate look you want. In general, hair is synthetic, but you can use nearly any type of hairstyle, including traditional silky braiding hair, Senegalese box braids, or Goddess Locs for a crotchet weave. 


Choosing the Right Stylist for Crotchet Braids

It is essential to speak with your stylist about the type of hair and style that you intend to have. Make sure your stylist is experienced in this versatile technique, she or he may have suggestions about how to improve your style.

Your stylist will recommend a braid pattern, which is important to help your part look realistic and flattering. Figure out which way you want your hair to fall before your appointment. 

Crotchet weaves are usually installed by a professionally African Hair Braider. Recommendations are the best way to find your hairstylist. Yelp and Instagram are generally ways braiders promote themselves too.

Crochet Braids As an Alternative Weave Style

If you have thinning, damaged or broken areas, crochet weaves are an ideal protective style because, if installed correctly, there is no tension on the scalp or the actual hair follicle that will cause breakage. Crochet weaves create less tension than traditional sew-in weaves and extensions. 

Crotchet weaves are achieved by choosing synthetic hair with a long, flowing texture. Unlike traditional sew-ins, crotchet weave allows your scalp to "breathe" meaning you can itch, wash & moisturize for scalp health. 


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